10 Tips for Spring Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

10 Tips for Spring Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

It can be fun and rewarding to take home maintenance and repair projects into your own hands, however, certain jobs need to be taken extra seriously. Electrical and roof work both come to mind as high-risk potential responsibilities that are probably best left to the professionals. If you are looking for an affordable, expert local roof cleaner look no further than the team at West Coast Moss Removal. If you would rather handle roof cleaning on your own and not hire a professional roof cleaner, below are ten tips that the team at West Coast Moss Removal would like to offer to all of you DIY homeowners.

Trim your Trees

While perhaps not directly on your roof, trimming your trees is a roof cleaning pro tip if there ever was one. Fallen branches and leaves can contribute an incredible amount of detritus to your roof and proactively trimming these trees can make roof cleaning much easier each time you do it.

Clean your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters should be a no-brainer when it comes to springtime roof maintenance. In a place like Vancouver – with ample foliage and even more rain – it is critical to keep your gutters clean to promote proper flow and prevent damage.

Identify Loose Flashing

While you are cleaning your gutters, turn your attention to the flashing as well. Loose flashing – if addressed early – is not a problem. However, if you miss fixing loose flashing you will be setting yourself up for a much larger repair down the line.

Examine your Shingles

Shingles are the first line of defence between the elements and the interior of your home. As you assume the role of roof cleaner, carefully examine the shingles to identify if any are loose, missing, torn, or not sitting properly. Address immediately.

Use a Hose

Many people gravitate toward power washing when cleaning the exterior of their homes. These are great tools, to be sure, but they have a bit too much power for a roof and can actually cause more damage than good. When cleaning your roof, do so thoroughly with a standard hose and leave the extra power behind.

Get a Visual on Mold or Water Damage

Before you even get on your roof you can do a cursory exam for any mould or algae stains on your roof, generally found near tree branches. Mould and algae spots will wear down roofing and shingles, causing further damage down the line.

Look for Signs of Critters

Animals love the safety and security they can find under loose shingles or between the roof itself and the interior walls. As you are examining and cleaning your roof, keep a close eye out for any animal signs. Things like bats, rodents, and bees all commonly call roofs home and can be a true nuisance if not addressed early.

Look Inside

Roof inspections don’t stop on the outside. To do a proper job, be sure to give plenty of attention to the inside of your roof as well. Get into your crawlspace or attic and see if you can find any wet spots, mould, mildew, critter nests, or anything out of the ordinary. While roofs are designed to keep things out, you know you have a problem to fix if you find signs on the inside.

Document, Document, Document!

As you complete your thorough roof inspection be sure to document any damage you find. While anyone can go through the above eight steps, not everyone will have the skills and tools necessary for the matching repairs. The more you document, the easier the handoff will be when you bring in a professional to set things straight.

Call a Pro

After your personal roof inspection and roof cleaning are complete, don’t be afraid to call in a professional for the bigger repairs and fixes. The team at West Coast Moss Removal is well versed in all things roofing, and we are always happy to assume the risks necessary to restore your roof to a brand-new condition.

Summer is here, and it is the perfect time to give your home a once-over. A lot of weathering happens over the spring and winter months, and checking your roof is a great step to ensure your home stays in as good of condition as possible. Whether you want to tackle a roof inspection on your own or bring in a pro, give West Coast Moss Removal a call today. We are always happy to help!

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