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Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning

If you have an asphalt shingle roof with a moss & algae problem, proper maintenance will be the difference between premature replacement and getting your full life expectancy. It may come as a surprise, but it’s not uncommon to lose up to 40% due to moss & algae, or improper cleaning.

Every company will tell you something different about the best way to clean and maintain your roof, and we recognize that it can be confusing.

Our process comes directly from the recommendations of ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) and the NRCA (National Roof Contractors Association), and is the unanimous choice for largest roof cleaning organizations in North America, the RCIA (Roof Cleaning Institute of America) and the PRCA (Professional Roof Cleaning Association).

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Long-Lasting Results

Moss and algae infest roofs, and if they are not dealt with thoroughly will quickly return. That’s why we thoroughly coat your roof with our sterilization treatment, killing every last spore of moss and algae.
Thorough sterilization can mean the difference between cleaning every two years, and every four to six years.

Our process for removing moss from an Asphalt shingle roof.

Our roof cleaning method is a four-step process. We use a pressure-free approach to cleaning tile roofs, and combine safe manual removal with a chemical treatment.

  1. It begins with careful manual removal of the bulk of the moss. We are able to remove between 80-95% of the moss, depending on the strain of moss and the level of infestation.
  2. We then use gas-powered blowers to clear any loose moss and debris from the roof, as well as clean the interior of your gutters.
  3. Next, we prepare the grounds for our sterilization treatment. This involves collecting any debris that may have fallen around your home, as well as beginning to pre-soak any plants within a 10-foot radius of your roofline.
  4. Finally, we will apply a chemical sterilization treatment that effectively kills any remaining moss roots or spores that we weren’t able to safely remove.

This hybrid approach of manual removal and a chemical treatment ensures long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing results with no damage.

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What your roofing manufacture recommends?

ARMA and the NRCA have recommended the following in their technical bulletins.

  • DO: Treat your roof with a cleaning and disinfecting solution.
  • DO NOT: Pressure wash your asphalt roof under any circumstance

For this reason, we do not under any circumstances pressure wash roofs, and we always treat roofs with a sterilization treatment.

Why is Treatment Preparation important?

Treatment preparation on Asphalt shingle roofs is done by carefully manually removing the bulk of the moss with hand tools, clearing any debris and loose moss from the roof with gas powered blowers, and then cleaning out the interior of your gutters to ensure proper drainage before the treatment.

Because our treatment will kill any moss that isn’t initially removed, we only remove the moss that comes off with little resistance. This ensures the best possible result without damaging your asphalt roof.

There are a few reasons why manual removing the bulk of the before treating your roof will achieve superior results to simply applying a treatment and then walking away.

  1. Manual removal before applying a treatment provides the best possible sterilization. By removing the bulk of the moss from your roof before applying the treatment, we expose and directly treat the roots and spores that would otherwise be protected.
  2. Improved aesthetics from the beginning. If you were not to remove the bulk of the moss from your before applying a chemical treatment, it may 6-12 months for your roof regain its original appearance. With our process, your roof will look great on day one.
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Why clean your Asphalt Shingle roof?

  1. Longer roof life. If you have an asphalt shingle roof with a moss & algae problem, proper maintenance will be the difference between premature replacement and getting your full life expectancy. It may come as a surprise, but it’s not uncommon to lose up to 40% due to moss & algae, or improper cleaning.
  2. Improved appearance. Moss looks unsightly, and gives the impression of a poorly cared for home. Black algae present as large dark stains on your roof.
  3. Prevent leaks and interior home damage. When moss and other debris begin to build up on your roof, they can inhibit rainwater from draining correctly. Instead of draining vertically down the roof, water can be diverted horizontally towards unprotected areas of your roof (valleys, skylights, vents, skylights, etc).

How exactly does the moss and algae damage the asphalt shingles?

  1. Moss & Algae feed on the filler in the asphalt shingles. As the filler is eaten away, granules will come loose, accelerating deterioration.
  2. Moss Lifts Shingles. Moss grows along the edge of shingles, and will eventually start to move underneath, lifting the shingles.
  3. Retained Moisture can be hard on your roof over a long period of time. It can be especially hard over the winter when freezing occurs.
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Cleaner Roof for Longer

Longer Roof Life

A mossy roof can reduce the lifespan of your roof by up to 10 years. Keep your roof moss-free to save money in the long run.

No Moss for Longer

Our exclusive cleaning formula helps maintain a moss and algae-free roof for an extended period.

Keeping Your Roof Safe

Our non-pressure cleaning method is endorsed by your roofing manufacturer.

Environmentally Safe

Our cleaning solution is environmentally friendly and harmless to your plants and animals.

We Are Covered and Insured

To safeguard our clients, we prioritize our workers’ safety by providing them with WCB coverage and ensuring that they use the necessary fall arrest system. Moreover, our up-to-date liability insurance covers any damages to your property.

2 Year Moss Free Guarantee!

We offer a two-year guarantee that your roof will remain free of moss after we complete our cleaning services, subject to the following terms and conditions.

Asphalt Roof Cleaning

Our Roof Cleaning Methods are Manufacturer Approved

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