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Our Roof Cleaning Process

To achieve a thorough and long-lasting clean of both your roof and your drainage system, our method is a four-step process.

  1. First, we carefully remove the bulk of the moss on the roof by hand. This is done using hand tools that are safe for your roof. Depending on the type and amount of moss on your roof, we will be able to remove between 80-95%. To read more on why we include this step in our process, see – Is treatment preparation necessary?
  2. Next, we use air blowers to clear loose moss and debris from your roof, as well as clean the interior of your gutters.
  3. Now it is time to begin preparing for our sterilization treatment. We clean up any debris that may have fallen from the roof, as well as soak down any plants within a 10-foot radius of your roof.
  4. The last and most important step in our process is applying a chemical sterilization treatment that kills the remaining moss roots or spores that were not able to be safely removed in Step 1 of the process. This is done while one of our team members continues to rinse and dilute any off-spray that may come off of your roof.
before moss removal after moss removal

We offer Roof Cleaning Services for Asphalt Shingle, Concrete Tile, and Cedar Shake Roofs

Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning

Ashpalt Shingles

Asphalt roofs are cleaned using our most delicate methods, ensuring no granule loss and long roof life.

Vancouver Tile Roof Cleaning

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are the most porous roof, and require extra roof cleaning solution for thorough sterilization.

Vancouver Cedar Roof Cleaning

Cedar Roofs

Cedar Shake roofs change the most over their roof life, so methods tend to change as cedar shake roof change.

Why Choose Us to Clean Your Roof?

Specilization and Experience. For ten years, we have provided one service: moss removal and roof cleaning. Our dedication to a single service has allowed us stay on the cutting edge of both roof cleaning technology and technique.

Is Treatment Preparation necessary?

You might ask, why not just treat the roof? While simply treating the roof may be appropriate in some circumstances, such as roofs that are just beginning to grow moss, the majority of mossy roofs greatly benefit from treatment preparation.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider a company that combines careful manual removal with a roof cleaning solution.

  1. Better Long term results. By safely removing the majority of the moss from your roof before applying our roof cleaning solution, we are able to directly treat the roots and spores that would otherwise be covered and protected.
  2. Better looking results. Customers that opt for a treatment-only option can expect to wait 6-12 months for your roof to look new again. Our method leaves your roof looking like new within weeks.
  3. No awkward transition period. Homeowners that opt for a treatment-only option can expect their gutters to fill up and clog at a rapid rate over the following 12 months. However, our hybrid approach will keep your gutter in substantially better shape throughout the next 12 months, given that majority of the moss and debris will have already been removed. With an average of 166 rainy days per year, it is no wonder moss, algae and lichen thrive in the Vancouver, B.C. area. As a homeowner, it is essential that you understand what causes moss, algae and lichen growth and what the proper methods are for removing it, in order to prevent your roof from prematurely deteriorating.

Why this approach?

There are two main reasons we use this approach.

  1. Long-term effectiveness. By beginning with manual removal, we are able to apply our solution directly to the toughest moss roots on your roof. This means we are able to eradicate your moss and algae infestation, the first time around. That’s why the majority of our return customers come back 4-6 years after their initial cleaning.
  2. Safe for your roof. First, this process is done WITHOUT the use of a pressure-washer or high-pressure cleaning, which has been proven to cause roof damage to both asphalt and concrete tile roofs. Second, our manual removal is never expected to remove ALL the moss from your roof, so we are able to be delicate with your roof. This is made possible by our roof cleaning solution that kills anything we can’t safely remove.

What Causes Moss, Algae & Lichen Growth


When moisture is consistently present on your roof, moss and algae growth is inevitable. Consequently, once moss begins to grow, it holds even more moisture on your roof, and thus, accelerates the rate of growth.


The amount of sunlight each aspect of the roof receives determines how long moisture is retained after rainfalls. North facing aspects and heavily treed properties receive significantly more shade, and require consistent monitoring for signs of new growth.


Trees in close proximity to your roof allow moss spores to be easily transported to your roof. They also provide shade. A roof on a heavily treed property will usually need to be treated once every year.


Pine needles, leaves and branches all retain more moisture next to your roof. In many cases excessive debris buildup will create the perfect conditions for moss to grow.

Why Should Moss, Algae and Lichen be removed?


Moss and algae (gloeocapsa magma) both retain moisture. As previously discussed, moisture increases the rate which moss, algae, mold and lichen grow. When moss begins to grow on your roof, the rhizoids (the root like anchoring structure of the moss) are embedded into asphalt shingles and use the inorganic material as a source of nutrients, causing the granular composition of the shingle to breakdown and loosen.

As granules are loosened, the core of the shingles is left exposed to the sun, causing the shingles to rapidly degrade. Once this occurs, the life of the roof can very quickly be reduced by up to ten years. Considering the average roof costs between $8000 to $12,000 to replace, we recommend a regular maintenance program to ensure your roof lasts the full length of its intended lifespan.


When potential buyers first assess a house, a moss and algae covered roof is an immediate red flag. Considering the roof is a significant portion of the curb appeal of a house, a clean, well maintained roof is critical to giving buyers a great initial impression. Considering the replacement cost of a new roof and the reduced aesthetic appeal of the house, an unmaintained, moss covered roof can reduce property values by $10,000 or more.

Your Roof will stay Cleaner, for Longer. Guaranteed.

Extended Roof Life

Moss can take over 10 years off the life of your roof. Save Money With a Moss Free Roof.

Moss Free For Longer

Our proprietary cleaning solution keeps your roof moss and algae free longer.

No Roof Damage

Non-Pressure Cleaning Approved by Your Roofing Manufacturer.

Environmentally Responsible

Our solution is safe for your plants, animals and the environment.

WCB Covered and Insured

We protect ourselves, so we can protect you. Our workers covered by WCB and always use the required fall arrest system to ensure their safety. Our Liability insurance is up to date and covers your property.

We Offer a 2 Year Moss Free Guarantee!

We guarantee that no moss will re-grow on roofs within a period of two years from the completion of us completing a roof cleaning job, with the following terms and conditions.

Our Roof Cleaning Methods are Manufacturer Approved

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