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Over 5500 roofs cleaned since 2011

Company History

About us

West Coast Moss Removal was founded in 2011.

The decision to specialize came from the lack of proper roof cleaning methods amongst our competition. Non-pressure chemical cleaning of roofs had become the industry standard in the states and the rest of the world, but these methods hadn’t made their way up to Canada.

For the last 12 years, we’ve been improving the industry in the Lower Mainland, and with well over 5,000 roofs cleaned, there’s a very good chance we’ve worked for one of your neighbours!

You can learn more about our roof cleaning process here.

You’ll appreciate dealing directly with the Owner. Hands-on ownership will take you from your first contact all the way to completing the job. Call us today to find out what this means for you.

Jesse Woodman


jesse woodman

He runs the day to day operations, and you’ll hear from him from start to finish.

Don’t talk to him about Premiere League Football if you don’t have some time to waste! He also enjoys running marathons, cycling, and gaming.

Your Roof will stay Cleaner, for Longer. Guaranteed.

Extended Roof Life

Moss can take over 10 years off the life of your roof. Save Money With a Moss Free Roof.

Moss Free For Longer

Our proprietary cleaning solution keeps your roof moss and algae free longer.

No Roof Damage

Non-Pressure Cleaning Approved by Your Roofing Manufacturer.

Environmentally Responsible

Our solution is safe for your plants, animals and the environment.

WCB Covered and Insured

We protect ourselves, so we can protect you. Our workers covered by WCB and always use the required fall arrest system to ensure their safety. Our Liability insurance is up to date and covers your property.

We Offer a 2 Year Moss Free Guarantee!

We guarantee that no moss will re-grow on roofs within a period of two years from the completion of us completing a roof cleaning job, with the following terms and conditions.

Our Roof Cleaning Methods are Manufacturer Approved

We would love to hear from you!

If you would like to improve the appearance of your home as well as prolong the life of your roof you can request a free quote.

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