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Richmond’s proximity to the ocean and low elevation result in a climate ideal for rapid black algae growth. Richmond neighbourhoods are typically characterized by a particular type of roof, with concrete tile, asphalt shingle, and cedar shakes roofs being common in particular neighbourhoods. Homeowners with concrete tile or cedar shake roofs should check their roof for black algae growth and moss growth that occurs along the tile or shake ridges.

Richmond homeowners with asphalt shingle roofs will likely experience significant black algae growth and potentially moss growth on north facing aspects or where their roof is in close proximity to a tree.

You can learn more about our roof cleaning process here.

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Roof Cleaning that Lasts

Each type of roof material has its own special cleaning considerations.

Asphalt Shingle Richmond Roof Cleaning

Asphalt shingles suffer some of the worst damage from moss and algae. In Richmond, you know all too well how quickly organic buildup can form and how difficult it is to get rid of. For those cleaning companies unfamiliar with how delicate a process it is, the actual cleaning can do more damage than what they’re trying to get rid of. Moss can eventually grow underneath the shingle, causing lifting along with an inability for the shingle to dry out. Moss also consumes the tar that fills and holds the shingle in place.

Cement Tile Roof Cleaning Richmond

Like asphalt roofs, cement and concrete roofs provide an excellent environment for moss and algae to grow, especially in the Richmond area. Moisture lingers in the shady parts underneath, allowing organic matter to thrive. Moss build-up blocks water from flowing off of your roof. Sometimes this water backs up, causing leaks. Our safe manual removal and our chemical treatment are the best way to clean out all organic matter and leave your roof looking new.

Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Richmond

Cedar shakes are very Pacific Northwest, but Cedar roofs are also a whole other matter when it comes to maintenance. To assure you get the full expected roof life, you need to maintain your shakes. Cedar shakes rot where moss and algae are allowed to grow. By removing rot from your cedar shakes, we can restore them to their original beauty.

Vancouver Cedar Roof Cleaning

Richmond Soft Washing

When a winter storm blows in off of the coast, the side of your home can really suffer. Your siding can get covered in grimy mud, algae and other organic material pretty easily. Our soft washing system guarantees that no damage is caused, and it actually gets the side of your house cleaner than a pressure washing, which can very easily push the grime further into your siding.

We know Richmond and all about the organic growth that can get on, and in, your surfaces, causing damage. Not only does it make for a better-looking home when it isn’t coated by moss, lichen, and algae, it also lasts longer as our cleaning process protects the surface from damage.

Don’t let the Pacific Northwest environment in Richmond severely limit the life expectancy of your roof and siding. We are dedicated to roof cleaning, but our job is more than roof cleaning, it is roof protection. We extend the life of your roof. We are fully licensed and insured, we are also BBB members. We are committed to only using staff with multiple years of experience. Call West Coast Moss removal for your Richmond roof cleaning.

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Learn more about Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Process

Richmond Moss Removal

Rather than blast off roof moss with high-pressure water, which damages your roof, our experience tells us that roof surfaces require a gentle detergent treatment. We gently remove the bulk of the moss manually and then apply a special sterilization treatment that kills and removes all remaining moss and spores.

Roof Cleaning that Lasts

The name of the game to maintaining a healthy roof is to clean it less. The more frequently a roof is cleaned, the more damage is done. So, it is important that the cleaning job serves to preserve and protect the roof from the rapid repeat of organic matter being able to take hold.

By sterilizing your roof, it means that it can be cleaned every four to six years instead of every two.

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Your Roof will stay Cleaner, for Longer. Guaranteed.

Extended Roof Life

Moss can take over 10 years off the life of your roof. Save Money With a Moss Free Roof.

Moss Free For Longer

Our proprietary cleaning solution keeps your roof moss and algae free longer.

No Roof Damage

Non-Pressure Cleaning Approved by Your Roofing Manufacturer.

Environmentally Responsible

Our solution is safe for your plants, animals and the environment.

WCB Covered and Insured

We protect ourselves, so we can protect you. Our workers covered by WCB and always use the required fall arrest system to ensure their safety. Our Liability insurance is up to date and covers your property.

We Offer a 2 Year Moss Free Guarantee!

We guarantee that no moss will re-grow on roofs within a period of two years from the completion of us completing a roof cleaning job, with the following terms and conditions.

Our Roof Cleaning Methods are Manufacturer Approved

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