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West Coast Moss Removal 2 Year No-Moss guarantee

We guarantee that no moss will re-grow on roofs within a period of two years from the completion of us completing a roof cleaning job, with the following terms and conditions.

Warranty terms and conditions

  1. Guarantee is for all residential contracts. Strata and commercial jobs to be addressed on a job by job basis.
  2. Our guarantee covers re-growth of moss exclusively. (Algae, both green and black, are not covered)
  3. In the event that re-growth of moss occurs, West Coast Moss Removal will re-treat the affected areas of the roof.
  4. Guarantee only applies to roofs in which the entire roof was treated during the initial treatment.
  5. In the event of debris collecting on the roof that is covered under the guarantee, West Coast Moss Removal is not obligated to clear the debris, but can if desired by homeowner, clear the debris at fair market value.
  6. West Coast Moss Removal strongly encourages pruning of trees within close proximity of the roof, as this is a major factor in accelerated re-growth. Consequently, West Coast Moss Removal is unable to guarantee roofs with overhanging trees, or with trees within four feet of the roof. Our goal is to help our customers maintain a moss free roof, and we would be happy to recommend a Tree Trimming company that would be able to help in this matter.

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