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Moss & Algae Prevention

Are your neighbours roofs covered in moss or stained black from algae? A number of environmental factors such as moisture, shade and the proximity of trees are the primary causes of roof moss and algae. A telltale sign that moss will eventually appear on your roof is a when a neighbour’s roof is covered in moss, in particular when conditions are similar to those around your own roof.

West Coast Moss Removal and Roof Cleaning offers a long-term roof maintenance service that guarantees your roof will stay moss-free. Depending on the environmental factors that affect your roof, we will customize a maintenance plan that suits your situation and maximizes the life of your roof.

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Long-Lasting Results

Moss and algae infest roofs, and if they are not dealt with thoroughly will quickly return. That’s why we thoroughly coat your roof with our sterilization treatment, killing every last spore of moss and algae.
Thorough sterilization can mean the difference between cleaning every two years, and every four to six years.


The first step to prevention is ensuring no moss or algae is already present on your roof. Often certain areas of the roof are not visible from the ground and moss or algae may have already begun to spread. If your roof is more than 5 years old and north facing aspects are not visible from the ground, a roof inspection is a great first step. Our roof cleaning process eliminates moss and algae which prevents the spores from spreading to other areas of your roof.


Once the initial roof clean has been performed, or if their was no previous moss or algae growth, a maintenance program is all the is necessary to keep your roof clean. The aspect and pitch of your roof, the proximity of trees and location within the GVRD all affect how quickly moss and algae will return. We will assess these factors and put together a customized plan that involves a retreating your roof on a scheduled program. The average roof requires a re-treatment every 2 to 3 years however this can vary depending on the above mentioned factors. We often will include a gutter clean with this aspect of our maintenance program that helps reduce costs by combining two services into one visit.


When we treat your roof with our moss and algae prevention solution, we will inspect your roof to ensure it is in proper working order. If shingles, tiles or shakes need replacing we can replace them or recommend one of our partner roofing contractors to take care of any larger repairs that may be required.

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