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Roof Cleaning shouldn’t damage your roof. That’s why West Coast Moss Removal provides non-pressure and long lasting moss removal. We have been cleaning roofs in Abbotsford for 11 years, and pioneered the softwash roof cleaning process in the Fraser Valley.

Our process is a combination of manual removal off the moss and our proprietary roof sterilization solution, which is safe for roof and will keep the moss at bay for an average of 4-6 years.

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Why West Coast Moss Removal for your Roof Cleaning?

Over the last evelen years, we have specialized in and almost exclusively provided one service: roof cleaning. Why does that matter? We know how much moss can be removed without damaging your roof, we know what concentration level of treatment is needed to fully sterilize your roof, we know how to care for your plants to prevent damage. Experience matters, and we think you’ll notice the difference.

Keep your roof longer.

Homeowners in Abbotsford who avoid roof cleaning often end up replacing their roofs 5-10 years early, whether becuase it has grown so unsightly or roof failure.

Roof cleaning keeps your roof looking new, and dramatically reduces the pace at which it ages.

A mossy roof can reduce roof life by up to 50%. Save money with a clean roof.

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Longer lasting results. Guaranteed.

Roof Cleaning is an investment, and one of the marks of good roof cleaning investment is long-lasting results. Because moss and algae infest the roof, they need to thoroughly remove or they will return in a 1 – 2 year span. That’s why our roof cleaning process involves a sterilization treatment that will kill every last spore. That’s also why we’re able to offer a 2 Year Moss Free Guarantee.

NO ROOF DAMAGE. Non Pressure Cleaning.

Our Pressure Free Cleaning Process is Manufacturer approved.

Never under any circumstances should you pressure wash either an ashpalt or concrete tile roof. Roofing manufactures and associations strongly recommend against it, and we’ve not only heard but seen the devastating results far too many times.

Not pressure washing is a good start, but what about manual removal? This is where specialization and experience comes through. We know what can be safely removed, and what needs to be patiently removed by our treatment.

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It’s a Good Time to go GREEN

We’re thrilled to be in a business where better serving the environment, translates to better serving the customer, and likewise, when better serving the customer, means better serving the environment. How do we do it? By maintaining your roof for as long as possible, we reduce your carbon footprint. A win win. We use our website as our main medium to reach customers instead of costly and wasteful print mailouts. We use Google maps and street view to perform over the phone estimates, providing truly free estimates, (we know everyone says their estimate are free, but you end up paying for it as part of the price) we also burn less gas by not having to drive our trucks around as much!

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Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning

Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning

Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Cement Tile Roofs Cleaning

Non-Pressure Cleaning For Extended Tile Life.

Vancouver Cedar Roof Cleaning

Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning

Cedar Roofs Bureau Approved Treatment

Completed Roof Cleaning Projects

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Non-Pressure Moss Removal and Roof Cleaning Abbotsford, BC

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We clean a variety of different types of roofs in Abbotsford. Whether you have an asphalt shingle roof, concrete tile roof, or cedar shake roof, our professional team can remove moss and algae growth and restore your roof.

Areas of Abbotsford we service:

Whether you live in Clayburn, Lower Sumas, McMillan, South Polar near YXX, Mill Lake, Clearbrook, or Townline Hill, we work in your neighbourhood and would love to help with your roof cleaning needs.

Your Roof will stay Cleaner, for Longer. Guaranteed.

Extended Roof Life

Moss can take over 10 years off the life of your roof. Save Money With a Moss Free Roof.

Moss Free For Longer

Our proprietary cleaning solution keeps your roof moss and algae free longer.

No Roof Damage

Non-Pressure Cleaning Approved by Your Roofing Manufacturer.

Environmentally Responsible

Our solution is safe for your plants, animals and the environment.

WCB Covered and Insured

We protect ourselves, so we can protect you. Our workers covered by WCB and always use the required fall arrest system to ensure their safety. Our Liability insurance is up to date and covers your property.

We Offer a 2 Year Moss Free Guarantee!

We guarantee that no moss will re-grow on roofs within a period of two years from the completion of us completing a roof cleaning job, with the following terms and conditions.

Our Roof Cleaning Methods are Manufacturer Approved

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