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How We Clean Cedar Shake Roofs?

At West Coast Moss Removal, we exclusively softwash cedar shakes, which involves applying a chemical sterilization treatment that will kill any of the moss, algae, fungi, or lichen that is rotting the cedar shakes.

Depending on the level of infestation, we may prep the roof for treatment by manually removing heavy moss build up, and then apply our roof cleaning solution.

By using this gentle method, we can still achieve dramatic results, without risking roof damage. We also sanitize the roof to achieve longer-lasting results than pressure washing.

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When cleaning a cedar roof there are two indisputable goals, to improve the aesthetic of the roof, and extend its lifespan.

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Cedar Roof Cleaning

Cedar Bureau Approved Treatment

Extending your cedar roof’s lifespan

To extend the life of your cedar roof, its important to allow the cedar to breathe, remove any rot or infestation, and ensure your cleaning process will not cause arrosion to the cedar shakes. This requires removing the bulk of debris of cedar shakes, as well as gently treating them with a roof cleaning solution that will kill any moss, algae, fungi, or lichen present on the roof. A cedar free from nature’s predators will age beautifully, and serve as a reliable first line of defense for your home.

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Improving the appearance of your cedar shake roof

Cedar is naturally beautiful, so all that is required to return your roof to it’s former glory is removing the organics that have begun to grow on top of it. While some cedar roofs have clumps of moss scattered around, almost every cedar shake roof in the lower mainland becomes infested with algae and lichen. These infestations cause the roof to look stained and old.

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Is it ok to pressure wash my cedar shake roof?

When you consider that cedar is a living product, and that over its 30-50 year lifespan it will change immensely, it makes sense to evaluate pressure washing with some nuance. A young cedar shake roof will be extremely strong and will be able to withstand high pressure without taking any damage, but at a certain point, those shakes will become more brittle and pressure washing will no longer be a safe option. Given the potential of damage from pressure washing, it wise to err on the side of caution and choose an alternative cleaning method. That’s why we DO NOT pressure wash cedar roofs.

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