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Why Clean your Concrete Tiles Roof?

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  1. Improve the look of your home and roof.
  2. Prevent roof leaks and expensive home damage.
  3. Protect your tiles and their coating to maximize roof life.

Our customers generally come to us with two reasons for concrete tile roof cleaning. Some are concerned with the aesthetics of their home, they’ve noticed the moss and aren’t keen on the way it looks. Others have had an issue with leaks.

When moss builds up in the spaces between the tiles and at the edges of the tiles, water can become blocked from its intended draining pattern, causing backflow into the roof, resulting in leaks. The other thing the moss and algae will do is eat away at the tile coating, which results in loss of color.

Cement Tile Roof Cleaning

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What is the best way to clean moss of a concrete tile roof?

When cleaning moss from a concrete tile roof, there are four priorities that a homeowner should consider.

  • All moss and algae that was once present has been either removed or killed.
  • All debris that may be inhibiting proper roof drainage has been removed.
  • No damage occurs.This means absolutely no pressure washing.
  • The roof either looks new, or it’s aesthetics have greatly improved.

Any cleaning method that fails to accomplish these four things is inadequate, and will either be destructive or inefficient for the homeowner.

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How we clean moss from Concrete Tile Roofs.

To ensure that we accomplish the four points mentioned above, our process involves both treatment preparation and a chemical sterilization treatment. Our process for cleaning concrete tiles is done in four steps:

  1. To begin, we start by manually removing the bulk of the moss with hand tools, removing up to 90% of the moss with brushes and air blowers.
  2. We then clear all debris and moss off of the your, as well as clean the interior of your gutters.
  3. We then begin to prepare your property for out treatment by completing a full grounds cleanup, and soaking down any plants near your roof life.
  4. Finally, we apply our roof cleaning solution directly to the remaining moss roots and spores that remain on your roof. Concrete tiles are very porous, and moss roots and spores can become deeply embedded. This is why a surface clean is not sufficient.
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Why is Treatment Preparation important?

Treatment preparation involves safely removing the majority of the moss from the roof with hand tools, clearing the moss and debris from the roof with hand held air blowers, and cleaning the interior of the gutters.

There are three reasons why treatment preparation makes sense.

  1. Treatment preparation ensures that your roof and gutter system is draining properly. If we were to treat your roof without manually removing any of the moss and debris, your roof may very well still be susceptible to roof leaks. However, removing the bulk of the moss and cleaning the debris from both your roof and gutter allows water to drain efficiently off of your roof and through your gutters.
  2. Better sterilization. Removing the bulk off the moss before applying the treatment helps us directly treat the toughest moss roots, as well as any spores that may be present on the roof.
  3. Better looking results. When we take the bulk of the moss of your concrete tile roof before applying a treatment, your roof will look close to new when we are finished cleaning it. When you apply the treatment directly without any manual removal, it ends up taking up to a year to see aesthetic result.
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Why is the chemical treatment important on a concrete tile roof?

After the treatment preparation portion of our process, we apply our sterilization treatment to kill any remaining moss, algae, and any other organics present on the roof. Because moss and algae are an infestation that rapidly expand when left to grow, it is important to completely eradicate your moss problem to avoid premature grow back.

  1. Long lasting results. If brushed but left untreated, the moss on a roof will regrow to its peak level in infestation within 1-2 years. With a proper sterilization treatment, it can take up to 5-8 for the moss to return. Being in business for 10 years, we’ve observed the majority of our customers return between 5-7 years after an initial cleaning.
  2. Improved appearance. While brushing a roof may remove the bulk of the moss, manual removal will do nothing to clear up the black staining you may see on your roof. This black algae can only be removed by killing it. Removing the algae will remove and streaking and restore your roof to it’s original colour.
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Why you SHOULDN’T pressure wash your concrete tile roof.

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  1. Pressure Cracks. Your tiles were made to handle high pressure. We apply our chemical treatment at around 80 PSI, but pressure washers operate at upwards of 2000 PSI.
  2. Remove the seal (the seal is what gives the tiles their colour). Re-coating is an expensive option that can be avoided with proper tile roof care.
  3. Water pushed up into the roof. Tile roofs are built to handle rainwater pressure coming down vertically, not high-pressure water moving horizontally.
  4. Pressure washing provides only a surface clean. For all of the risk incurred pressure washing a concrete tile roof, it does not even provide an effective clean. Given the moss and algae are an infestation, a sterilization treatment is necessary to prevent their immediate return.

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