Gutter Protection in Vancouver, B.C.

Gutter Protection in Vancouver, B.C.

Maybe you’ve thought about installing some sort of gutter guard before, or maybe this is your first look into it at all. This blog is designed to educate you on what is out there in terms of gutter protection systems, and evaluate when a gutter guard system may be the right decision.

There are many theories on gutter protection, whether it works, whether it’s a waste of money, or whether it’s the right investment. The truth is, certain gutter protection systems do in fact work very well, but not everyone needs them, and there isn’t one particular product that is all superior. Before talking about the different gutter protection systems, the first decision that needs to be made is “Could a gutter protection system save me time, money and stress, and will it be more advantageous than regular gutter cleaning?”.  Here are some of the factors you should consider.

Money Factors:
  • Are your gutters three or more stories high?
  • Does your roof have difficult access?
  • What kind of trees do you have nearby?
  • Do your gutters require cleaning at least once a year?
Home-Owner Factors:
  • Will overflowing gutters damage the landscape, or potentially undermine the foundation of the home?
  • Will the sounds of over-pouring water become a problem?
  • Does it bother you that your clogged gutters will become a mosquito nesting area?
  • Are you ok with the outside of your gutters being dirty?

For most people, money is where the rubber meets the road, and they want to know that if they make an investment in the maintenance of their home, it will pay off. While there are many other factors that come into play, if the gutter protection won’t pay for itself in ten cleans or less, in eight or fewer years,  gutter protection is not for you. This will all depend on the price of the gutter protection system, the cost of having your gutters cleaned, and the frequency of which the gutters need to be cleaned to stay in good working order. To get an idea of where your gutter situation stacks up, let’s break this all down.

Gutter Protection Types

Gutter Protection styles and prices vary greatly, but the most expensive ones are not necessarily the best options.

The most basic and inexpensive type of gutter protection is large mesh. These types of products are not designed to prevent gutters from clogging, but to slow down the clogging process. These type of guards can typically be installed from anywhere from three to five dollars per foot

Micro-Mesh is a much less permeable product that typically fills the majority of the gutter. It allows nothing but silt to pass through and is self-cleaning. This type of gutter protection is a cost-effective way to prevent your gutters from ever clogging.  These products typically run anywhere from seven to eleven dollars per linear foot. Our gutter protection product, RainFlow is of the Micro-Mesh style.

The next step up in price is the steel micro-mesh, it comparable to the micro mesh in the way it functions, keeping debris out of the gutter and allowing only silt to pass through. The main differences are it is steel not fabric, and it needs to be screwed into your gutters, rather than just form-fitted. These systems typically run from fifteen to twenty-five dollars per linear foot. They are typically great systems, they are just a bit on the pricey side.

The last style is the run-off system. They are designed to work by running debris over the edge while the water runs on through the gutter. Performance on this style of gutter protection has varied, and for being at the top of the price range, these systems are typically outperformed by both the micro mesh style systems. They typically run anywhere from 30 to 40 dollars per linear foot.

Investment Chart

*Average home is 175 linear feet of gutter

The winners here are the three mesh styles and in particular the fabric mesh. The large mesh requires the fewest prevented cleans to pay for itself, but because the gutters still need semi-regular cleaning with the large mesh style product, the micro mesh (fabric) will more than likely pay for itself sooner (as early as 3 or 4 years). In terms of performance, there is no better than the micro meshes, depending on your need for the structural support of the steel-framed systems (if ice is a problem), the micro-mesh systems will perform comparably.

Is Gutter Protection worth it for me?

As shown above, when it comes down to money, there are options that can pay for themselves fairly quickly. If the system you have installed will pay for itself in ten or fewer cleans, in eight or fewer years, we will typically suggest taking a serious look at the permanent solution of a gutter protection system. While gutter protection paying for itself quickly is important, it isn’t the only benefit. You also gain peace of mind knowing that you will not be susceptible to roof damage, foundation damage, and injury from attempting to clean your gutters.

West Coast Roof Cleaning Options

In the interest of making your dollar go the furthest, and putting the best functioning product to work in your home, West Coast Roof Cleaning proudly installs Rain Flow Total Gutter Protection. Its fabric micro-mesh system keeps debris out and allows your gutters to keep functioning year in and year out. We price out rain flow on a per-foot basis, with most jobs coming in a $7/per foot, (may vary with difficult access) which includes a gutter clean, the product, and installation. It also comes with a 20 year No Clog Guarantee. After installing Rain Flow in BC for the last 6 years, we are confident that it is the best bang for your buck system on the market. With quality performance at a fraction of the price of so-called top-of-the-line systems, we are very confident you will be impressed with Rain Flow Total Gutter Protection.

West Coast Roof Cleaning understands that gutter protection is not the best decision for everyone, and we offer gutter cleaning services for those looking for a more temporary solution. We would be happy to provide you with a free consultation to see if gutter protection is right for you, so call us today to book yours!

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