The Importance of Commercial Roof Cleaning

The Importance of Commercial Roof Cleaning

Owning a commercial space comes with a lot of responsibility in terms of maintenance and upkeep. As task lists grow it is easy to tackle the most obvious, visible, or aesthetic projects first and let less obvious needs slip through the cracks. With decades of experience at West Coast Moss Removal, our experts will be the first to tell you that commercial roof cleaning is essential to maintaining the structure, integrity, and functionality of your building. While perhaps not as obvious as a new entryway or as glamorous as office upgrades, commercial roof cleaning and maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your building is being well taken care of. By no means an exhaustive list, what follows are our top five reasons why commercial roof cleaning is so imperative.

Preventing Further Damage

One of the most important reasons to schedule commercial roof cleaning is to catch any potential issues before they become complicated and expensive problems. By hiring a professional roof cleaner and inspector to check out your roof once or twice a year you can catch small leaks, moss and algae growth, or shingles in need of repair before those exterior problems cause major interior headaches.

Increase the Lifespan and Functionality of Your Roof

Regularly maintaining and inspecting your roof will do wonders in extending its functional lifespan. A clean roof is imperative when it comes to maximizing energy efficiency and protecting the building underneath. The materials of your roof will slowly start to wear down if moss and algae are allowed to build up the service, ultimately preventing it from doing its job.

Protecting Your Employees’ Health

Everyone knows that mould exposure is not good for you and, unfortunately, mould and algae thrive in wet environments like the Pacific Northwest. Not only will mould and algae growth on your roof look bad and diminish its lifespan and functionality, but prolonged mould exposure is not good for your employees or regular visitors. Business owners who care about their employees should consider commercial roof cleaning at least once or twice each year.

Minimize Implications of Natural Hazards

We’ve discussed the implications of moisture on roofs, and buildup from natural debris like sticks and leaves can trap water and cause pooling while simultaneously getting underneath the surf. This same level of accumulated debris can also increase fuel for potential fires. Clean roofs are essential to reduce the impact of moisture and the risk of severe fire causing significant damage to your commercial building.

Project the Right Message About Your Business

Lastly, a clean roof simply looks good. While function certainly trumps fashion when it comes to building maintenance and upkeep, we can’t understate the importance of first impressions and a clean appearance. Rickety, mouldy, dirty, and cluttered roofs communicate a distinct message to your employees, clients, and visitors – a message we are sure you are trying to avoid.

Roof cleaning is a critical component of all building maintenance, and thorough roof cleaning is best left to the professionals. When searching for a commercial roof cleaner, look no further than West Coast Moss Removal. With decades of experience on all types of buildings, you can trust that our team has seen it all. Whether you want to schedule a cleaning or have more questions, give us a call today!

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