Why it is important to keep your roof clean?

Why it is important to keep your roof clean?

For many homeowners, roof shingles cleaning in an “out of sight, out of mind” matter. However, when growth starts to accumulate, concerns start to arise. What, exactly, is growing up there? And more importantly, what should you do about it?

What’s Growing on Your Roof?

Algae is the most common roof growth. It takes root when spores settle on your shingles, especially in shady areas with plenty of water and moisture.

If you see fuzzy green growth, you’re probably looking at moss. Like algae, moss loves shade and moisture. In fact, it often starts growing underneath your shingles where it can hide from the sun. By the time you see it, its hardy growth can withstand UV rays.

Should You Clean Your Roof or Leave the Growth Alone?

Removing moss growth can extend the service life of your roof. That’s because moss can warp your roof shingles and curl their edges, making your roof more susceptible to wind damage.

Algae won’t deteriorate your shingles, but its black stains can impact the reflective abilities of your roof. That – along with just wanting your house to look presentable – could be a good enough reason to go ahead with the cleaning.

That said, roof cleaning is not risk-free. Most homeowners will want to hire a professional crew to complete the work, to avoid dealing with the chemicals and height work involved. Moreover, if your cleaners don’t take proper precautions, your lawns and gardens could be damaged by the chemical treatment.

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How to Clean Your Roof

The first step is to get rid of bulky growth. This process must be performed very carefully, to avoid damage to your roof shingles. Our professional team typically uses a combination of hand tools and blowers to make sure dislodged growth isn’t left on the roof or in your gutters.

Once the debris has been removed, you’ll want to soak down any plants within a 10-foot radius of your roof, to protect them in the event of roof run-off. You’re then ready to apply your roof treatment! You can use a bleach-and-water mixture (1:1 ratio) or a special chemical treatment that can be purchased from your local hardware store.

Clean or Replace Your Roof?

If you’ve been ignoring the moss growth for a while, you might wonder if the shingles are past the point of cleaning.

Get a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof. They can assess your shingles and tell you how much life they have left.

If it ends up that you need to replace the shingles, your contractor can direct you to options which contain anti-growth materials (like copper or zinc). These metals will inhibit future growth and give your new roof a longer life.

Find a Professional Team to Clean Your Roof

If you’re ready to clear your roof jungle, contact West Coast Moss Removal. Our team of trained professionals will remove the growth, inspect your shingles, and deliver a thorough cleaning. In most cases, we can guarantee that your roof will be moss-free for at least two years. Call West Coast Moss Removal today to book your roof cleaning.

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