Making sense of roof cleaning pricing

Making sense of roof cleaning pricing

roof cleaning cost

We often get the question “How much does roof cleaning cost?”.  With many home services, homeowners have a pretty good idea about what it’s going to cost, whether it be having the carpets cleaned, bringing a maid in for some routine cleaning, or even having the windows washed.

With roof cleaning, prices can seem to be all over the map, with the cheapest options costing a fraction of the highest priced services. This leaves homeowners with a dilemma. As they sort varying methods and prices, they hope not to make the mistake of hiring a cheap company they can’t trust, while also wanting to avoid be dupped into overspending. 

I’ll break down what kind of methods and service you can expect at various price points, as well as give specific pricing details for how we price asphalt, concrete, and cedar shake roofs. 

Low End Roof Cleaning Pricing

The low end of pricing is characterized by the fly-by nighter. They may have been in business for a few months, and they may shut down at the end of the year. These companies may pressure wash, or brush the roofs, providing a surface clean. When providing strictly a one part, surface clean, prices will be the lowest. These methods leave your roof mostly clean, but when bits of moss roots are left alive, and moss spores have not be killed, your problem will return twice as fast as without a proper disinfection of the roof. 

These companies often represent a liability to you as a homeowners, as they may not have either WCB to cover themselves as workers, or Liability insurance to cover your property. 

Pricing in this tier could range from $250-1000, depending on what type of roof. Asphalt shingle will be the cheapest. These types of companies generally don’t have the experience to clean cedar and will avoid it entirely.  

Mid Tier

The middle tier is where the more established companies land. They pay for insurance, good equipment, and often have good long standing employees.  Their process may involve both manual removal as well as chemical treatment, or at least a treatment of some kind. 

What you want to look for in this pricing range are companies with long and successful track records who guarantee thier work against moss re-growth. 

Pricing generally ranges from $500-1500. 

The high end of pricing

Companies may end up on the high end of pricing for two reasons. The first reason may be their process. Some roof cleaning processes involve a treatment at the start of the process, followed by either immediately pressure washing, or waiting for an extended period of time, and then returning to do the manual removal. Both of these methods are the most time consuming, and as a result the most expensive. These methods both do not  efficient than our procedure for several reasons, and you don’t need to pay more to get the best service.

The second reason would be scale. Often franchises, or large corporate companies will need to price high to support salaries at more levels – corporate, franchise owners, (often salespeople) and production employees. 

Pricing can be up to 50% higher than mid tier companies. 

West Coast Moss Removal’s roof cleaning pricing

We’ll now break down the general range of our prices, and show how they vary between different roof types. Keep in mind that these are average price ranges and there are many factors that come into play, most notably: size of the roof, pitch of the roof, accessibility of the roof, degree of moss and algae infestation, and degree of diffuculty of grounds clean up. 

Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning Prices 

The most common type of roof in the lower mainland. Homeowners typically pay between $500 – $1200 for a full service clean of their asphalt shingle roofs. A full services include manual removal, gutter cleaning, grounds cleanup, our sterilization treatment, and a two year guarantee. 

For treatment only service, average prices range from $350 – $850.  

Concrete Tile Roof Cleaning Prices

The price for Concrete tile roof cleaning is slightly higher than with asphalt shingles. Partly this is because many of the larger homes in the lower mainland are roofed with concrete tile. 

Homeowners will on average spend between $1000 – $1600 for a full roof cleaning package. Treatment only services generally range from $600 – $1000. 

Cedar Shake Cleaning Prices

Our typical cedar shake roof cleaning service involves a blow off of the roof and a sterilization treatment, and can range from $800 – $1500. Cedar shake roofs are the most challenging roof types, and extra care must be taken to ensure no roof damage. 

Roof Cleaning Prices on a per year basis

When considering roof cleaning prices, it’s helpful to think of on a per year basis. Often times there are cheaper options up front that end up being more expensive in the long run. 

The majority of our customers return four-six years after their initial cleaning, depending on thier proximity to trees and the amount of sun their roofs get. 

For example, a deeply shaded Asphalt shingle roof may cost $175/year to maitain, given the price of a $700 clean every four years. 

Another example would be a large concrete tile roof that costs $250/year to maintain with a $1500 clean once every six years. 

Reducing Roof Cleaning Cost with Maitenance Treatments

A popular choice for many of our customers are our maintenance treatments. We won’t try to sell you on treatments every one or two years, you don’t need them that often, but for some customers it may make sense to have your roof treated every three-five years instead of waiting 1 or 2 extra years for a full clean. These treatment generally cost about 50-55% of what our full service clean does, and they will keep your roof in continual good order. 

For more information about comparing these methods, call the Owner, Joshua Del Begio at 604-773-7034 to learn more!

We can price competitively and offer a premier service for two key reasons.

  1. Specialization efficiency – We’ve specialized in roof cleaning for the last 11 years, and that means we know all the tricks of the trade that move your job allong efficiently and effectively. 
  2. We buy our chemicals in bulk, directly from one of the largest suppliers in North America. 

Of course, if you’re wondering “How much does roof cleaning cost?”, your best bet is to request a free for your specific property. 

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