Tips for Removing Roof Algae

Tips for Removing Roof Algae

Have you looked up at your roof lately and noticed unsightly black streaks scattered across it? This is a common problem in Vancouver (and other places that have warm, humid summers). While these stains look like mould, they’re actually caused by blue-green algae. They’re harmless, but they do detract from the overall appearance of your home.

So, what’s the best way to get rid of these stains? And how can you stop them from coming back?

Removing Roof Algae Stains

The good news is that you can clean these algae stains from your roof with a bleach-and-water mixture. We recommend an equal amount of water and bleach, but you may have to adjust the concentration depending on the extent of your algae streaks. Thoroughly spray your entire roof and then rinse with clean water.

Keep in mind that your lawn and gardens won’t be thrilled by the bleach. Before you begin spraying the bleach-and-water mixture, thoroughly rinse any plants that might receive run-off from your roof. Then, after you’ve finished your work on the roof, return and re-rinse the plants again to make sure no bleach is left on them.

These measures will work so long as your roof shingles are still in good shape. Evaluate their condition before you begin cleaning. If they’re at the end of their service life, you may be better off simply replacing them.

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Preventing Roof Algae Stains

If your roof is still in good shape, you can still take measures to keep the algae away. For example, you can install copper or zinc strips underneath the shingle rows that lie just beneath your peak. Expose an inch or two of the metal, so that when it rains, water will run over these strips on its way down the roof. As it runs down, the water will pick up traces of the metal, which will then kill any algae spores that have settled on your roof.

In the event that your shingles are past the point of cleaning, you can replace them with roofing materials that either hide algae stains (i.e. dark shingles that won’t show the stains) or contain elements (like copper) that kill algae before it has a chance to take root.

Beyond that, make sure that your roof is an inhospitable environment for prospective algae spores. Algae loves the shade, so if you have branches that hang over your roof, trim them back to increase the amount of sunlight your shingles receive. You should also make sure your roof and gutters are cleaned regularly, to ensure that rainwater isn’t trapped on or near your roof.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

Don’t have the time, equipment, or desire to climb onto your roof and complete these tasks? That’s okay! Our team at West Coast Moss Removal can help.

We have the expertise and experience to remove the algae stains from your roof and keep them from coming back. Give West Coast Moss Removal a call today: we’d love to restore your roof’s appearance so that it will look sharp for years to come.

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