Clean Your Gutters Before Winter

Clean Your Gutters Before Winter

Why you should clean gutters before winter

Many times, home maintenance is your own personal inconvenient truth. Getting behind can mean failing to protect your home from serious damage. Gutter cleaning may be one of the least glamorous jobs, but getting the job done before winter is critical.

Clean gutters channel rainwater in exactly the direction you want it to go. Otherwise, water pours all over your garden, making a muddy mess, or worse, backs up over your roof.

A gutter seems like a minor feature until it fails to perform the intended task. A malfunctioning gutter allows rainwater to erode your topsoil and creates pools of water all around your house, seeping into the foundation. Turns out that having poorly maintained gutters is worse than having none.

Hiring a gutter cleaning service before winter is critical because as autumn draws to an end, leaves block and clog the gutter, trapping pools of water. As winter descends, the pools of water freeze. The increasing weight of frozen water weighs your gutters, causing them to sag and ultimately bust free. This repair work is a lot more costly than cleaning them out when the time is right. Also, whether you have trees with falling leaves or not, your gutters can still get blocked.

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Having Clean Gutters Before Winter

Although cleaning your gutters is many times considered a DYI project, there is a better way. Call in the professionals at West Coast Moss Removal. Our roof cleaning experts can add gutter cleaning to the overall roof cleaning job. They can also repair any existing damage. You can relax.

Gutter guards are okay, but gutter cleaning is vital, even if you have gutter guards as an extra measure. There are many approaches professionals can take when it comes to ensuring the efficient cleaning of your gutters. Before hiring a cleaning service, it is important to be aware of the various methods available to make an informed decision.

Gutter cleaning may sound pretty straightforward, but remember that a professional has the expertise and investment in the right tools, so it is worth the nominal fee to have this work done professionally.

A professional will most likely use what is called “wet-dry technology.” This utilizes both power washing and a vacuuming process. Hand tools are used to remove debris and gunk, but there is also that clinging dirt, algae, and moss that will need a chemical solution. Heavy-duty cleaning equipment and biodegradable solutions can tackle both problems at once.

Another popular option for gutter cleaning is using an industrial vacuum cleaner. This tool uses strong suction power to suck up leaves and other debris that has accumulated in your gutters – making it an effective choice for removing stubborn matter that may be difficult to access with other methods.

In addition, a professional gutter cleaning service could also use specialized brushes or hand scoops designed specifically for removing debris and dirt from within gutters without causing damage to them. This equipment makes it easier to reach hard-to-access areas such as corners or around downspouts, allowing for a comprehensive clean without resorting to hazardous ladder work.

As you might imagine, a fair amount of debris must be cleaned up after the job, so it doesn’t simply sit in your garden. Our skilled gutter cleaners will clean up after the job, leaving the area around your house without a sign of gutter cleaning.

Our truck-mounted gutter cleaning system is an efficient way to rid your gutters of debris without leaving any trace. This system utilizes powerful suction to remove the nasty buildup from your gutters and captures it in a specially designed-container on the truck, meaning it can be quickly disposed of with no residue.

Steam cleaners and other cleaning tools can clean your gutters thoroughly, both inside and out. This process removes any stubborn algae stains and discoloured patches, leaving your gutters immaculate.

If you’ve noticed any signs of damage to your gutters, we can act quickly to restore them. Repairs can help prevent the need for a full gutter replacement, particularly when the issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Contact West Coast Moss Removal Before Your Gutters Cause Bigger Problems

Adding gutter cleaning services to your roof cleaning project with West Coast Moss Removal is a good way to keep those gutters doing their job and preventing bigger problems. Cleaning your roof once a year is a good idea, and gutter cleaning at the same time is an even better idea. Leave it to the professionals at West Coast Moss Removal. We have an experienced team that knows what to look for, what needs to be done and has the proper tools to do it. Contact us now before winter sets in. Get a free online quote.

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