How cleaning your roof is great for the environment

How cleaning your roof is great for the environment

Want to reduce your carbon footprint?

Go Green, and clean your roof!

There is a lot of talk about environmentally friendly roof cleaning methods. It should for all of us on some level, be a priority to take care of the world we are so fortunate to live in.

For us, green is part of everything we do.

– It starts here, online. We don’t use flyer mailouts to drive business or educate our customers. Fact: Direct Mail has a response rate that hovers around 1% for the service industry. We don’t see it as a response to print on 100 pages for the one person who would find it useful. We use our website to connect with our customers, avoiding waste.

– Recycled materials – Our business cards are made of recycled pulp kraft paper.

– Over-the-phone estimates. Utilizing technology (google maps, satellite, and street view), we can provide firm quotes over the phone, without having to drive our trucks out to perform an estimate. This also saves you money. Companies claim their quotes are free, but who do you think is ultimately paying for them? It’s all incorporated into your bill. With us, there’s no need to charge you for a couple of minutes on the phone.

– Email quotes and invoicing – No paper, no waste.

– Our roof cleaning methods are the safest for your roof, and our deep clean treatments keep the integrity of your roof intact the longest. That means up to 40% fewer old roofs in landfills.

The reality is, some companies claim to have Eco-Friendly solutions to clean your roof. But these solutions lack the potency to properly clean, forcing companies to compensate by using pressure, which results in damage and premature replacement. This is the real environmental shortcoming in the industry.

Our treatments are manufacturer recommended and clean the roof properly without needing to compensate with damaging removal. We effectively isolate this treatment strictly to the roof surfaces, where they will disinfect, and neutralize, not causing any damage to the environment. We are confident that our methods ultimately serve the environment, and you the customer, better.

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